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In 2005, PIK Vrbovec became a part of Agrokor and since then there an intensive development of the company has started, with record numbers of manufactured products every year. 
Due to the modernization of production facilities and logistics centers, continual investments in product quality, monitoring trends and a new business philosophy oriented towards the market and the consumer, PIK became a recognizable brand and the market leader in Croatia.  
In each segment, PIK produces top brands that can compete with the quality of world´s best products. Thus, for example, PIK Ham, Mortadella, dry salami, wieners and PIKO pariser, due to its superb quality and consumer confidence, became market leaders in their segment. 
In early 2009, PIK introduced packed fresh meat under the PIK brand offering its customers packed red meat of reliable quality and safety guaranteed by the established system of traceability allowing monitoring from breeding, processing, production, distribution to the stores. 
In 2012, three large investments were completed, and the most important one was the new factory for production of dry sausages which has significantly increased the capacities in this segment. Today this is the most modern factory in the region that implements all technological production novelties.   
Another important investment is a new plant for product slicing and packing, currently the most modern facility in this part of Europe. By introducing new and top slicing technology we are adapting to the global food trends and introducing new and innovative products to market. The PIK slice program accompanies the changes to modern lifestyle, while the benefits of sliced products are primarily in preserving the freshness of products, saving consumer’s time and their convenience.
In July 2018 the Commercial Court in Zagreb confirmed the settlement in the extraordinary administration of Agrokor d.d. and its affiliated and related societies and thus begun the process of preparing its implementation. On April 1, 2019, the transfer of the economic entity to Fortenova Group d.d. finished and PIK Vrbovec meat industry d.d. became PIK VRBOVEC plus d.o.o., a company owned by Fortenonva Group.
Along with the products under PIK brand, the selected range of products is produced under the brand Sljeme, a brand of a quality well known to the Croatian consumers. 
PIK products are exported to foreign markets, and the export accounts for 10 percent of the total annual sales. 
HIGHLIGHT: PIK Vrbovec meat industry is the leading meat company in Croatia and the region with its products currently meeting 40% of the market demand for red meat and meat products from red meat, which puts PIK in a leading position on the Croatian market.

PIK Vrbovec was founded in 1961 on the foundations of the meat industry owned by Đuro Predović, dating back to 1938.

PIK Vrbovec is the largest meat industry in Croatia with over 70 years of tradition in producing meat and meat products.

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